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 Financial Vocabulary 
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 3-6-3 Banking:    Borrow at 3%, Lend at 6%, Be on the Golf Course by 3 p.m. 
 3년 연속 이익(결손)발생:    a Profit (Loss) for 3Years in a Row 
 가격결정권:    Price Setting Power 
 가격경쟁력:    Price Competitiveness 
 가격비탄력적:    Price Inelastic 
 가격탄력적:    Price Elastic 
 가계(소매)대출:    Retail Credit 
 가계금융:    Consumer & Private Banking 
 가계금융본부:    Consumer & Private Banking Business Division 
 가계금융부:    Consumer & Private Banking Business Department 
 가계금융센터:    Private Banking Center 
 가계금전신탁:     Household Money Trusts 
 가계급부금:    Remunerations on Mutual Installment Savings 
 가계당좌예금:    Household Checking Deposits 
 가계대출팀:    Consumer Loan Team 
 가계마케팅팀:    Consumer & Private Banking Marketing Team 
 가계부문:    Household Sector 
 가계우대정기적금:    Installment Savings Deposits Preferential to Households 
 가계자금대출금:    Loans to Households 
 가계장기신탁:    Household Long-Term Money Trusts 
 가계장기저축:    Long Term Savings for Household 
 가계적금관계대출:    Loans on Installment Savings 
 가계지원팀:    Consumer & Private Banking Support Team 
 가교종금사:    Bridge Merchant Bank 
 가구:    Households 
 가구소비:    Household Consumption 
 가산금리:    Margin 
 가속상각법:    Accelerated Depreciation Method 
 가수금:    Suspense Payable 
 가스기금시설자금대출:    Long-term Loans for Facilities from Gas Safety Fund 
 가스기금운전자금대출:    Long-term Loans for Working Capital from Gas Safety Fund 
 가스기금차입금:    Long-term Borrowings from Gas Safety Fund 
 가압류:    Provisional Seizure 
 가용외환보유고:    Usable Foreign Exchange Reserve 
 가전:    Consumer Electronics 
 가정법원(사법):    the Family Court 
 가중평균자본비용:    Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) 
 가지급금:    Suspense Receivables 
 가처분:    Provisional Disposition 
 가처분소득:    Disposable Income 
 감가상각(감가상각하다):    Depreciation (Depreciate) 
 감가상각비명세서:    Schedule of Depreciation 
 감가상각율:    Depreciation Ratio 
 감가상각충당금:    Allowances for Depreciation 
 감독시스템:    Supervisory System 
 감모(자본재의):    Wear and Tear (of Capital Goods) 
 감모상각(고갈성자산):    Depletion 
 감봉:    Wage Cut 
 감사:    Auditor 
 감사관(재경부):    Inspector General 
 감사당당관(재경부):    Director for Inspection 
 감사원:    the Board of Audit and Inspection 
 감사의견:    Audit Opinion 
 감자계획:    Capital Reduction Plan 
 감자차익:    Gain on Retirement of Capital Stock 
 감정가:    Appraised Value 
 감정평가:    Appraisal 
 감채기금:    Sinking Fund 
 감채기금사채:    Sinking Fund Bond 
 감채적립금:    Reserves for Sinking Funds 
 감춰진 자산:    Hidden Assets 
 갑기금:    Capital A Fund 
 강세장:    the Bull Market 
 강압적인 개입 (정부의):    Heavy Handed Intervention (By Government) 
 개량:    Improvement 
 개발비:    Deferred Development Expenses 
 개발신탁:    Development Money Trusts 
 개발은행:    Development Banks 
 개별법:    Specific Identification Method 
 개업비:    Pre-operating Costs 
 개업비상각:    Amortization of Pre-operating Costs 
 개인대출:    Personal Loan 
 개인사업(자):    Proprietorships (Proprietors) 
 개인연금신탁:    Individual Pension Money Trusts 
 개정:    Revision (Amendment) 
 객관적 확률:    Objective Probability 
 거대합병(M&A):    Mega-Mergers 
 거시경제정책:    Macro Economic Policies 
 거액금융사고:    Major Financial Incident (Scandal) 
 거액여신:    Large Credit 
 거액여신총액한도제:    Ceiling System on the Sum of Large Exposures 
 거주자계정:    Resident Accounts 
 거치기간:    Grace Period 
 건물:    Buildings 
 건설가계정:    Construction in Progress 
 건설교통부(정부):    the Ministry of Construction & Transportation 
 건설업:    Construction 
 건전성규제:    Prudential Regulation 
 검사보고서:    Examination Report 
 검사부:    Inspection Department 
 검사역:    Inspector 
 검사통보서:    First Day Letter 
 검찰청(정부):    the Public Prosecutions Administration 
 견책:    Reprimand 
 결산보정미수이자기타:    Accrued Interest Receivables due to the Adjustment from Settlement of Accounts 
 결산일:    the Closing Date of the Fiscal Year 
 결손금:    Deficits 
 결손금처리계산서:    Statement of Disposition of Deficit 
 결손보전적립금:    Reserves for Deficit Recovery 
 결의:    Resolution 
 결정계수:    Coefficient of Determination 
 결제가격(선물):    Clearing Price 
 결합재무제표:    Consolidated Financial Statements 
 겸업은행제도:    Universal Banking System 
 겸직제한:    Restriction on Hoding of Posts Concurrently 
 경고:    Notice of Censure 
 경과계정:    Transit Accounts 
 경과조치:    Interim Measures 
 경기부양대책(조치):    Economic Stimulus Package 
 경기순환(변동):    Economic Cyclicality 
 경기순환:    Business Cycle (Peak, Contraction, Recessionary Trough, Expansion) 
 경기순환주:    Cyclical Stock 
 경비:    Overhead (Cost) 
 경상거래:    Current Transaction 
 경상계정:    Current Account 
 경상손익:    Ordinary Income (Loss) 
 경상수지:    Balance of Current Account 
 경상수지적자:    Current Account Deficit 
 경상수지흑자:    Current Account Surplus 
 경상이익:    Operating Profit 
 경영개선계획(권고,조치,명령):    Management Improvement Plan (Recommendation, Measure, Order) 
 경영공시:    Public Disclosure of Management Performance 
 경영권:    Corporate Control 
 경영권지배:    Management Control 
 중간 생략 
 환산손익:    Translation Gains or Losses 
 환율의 변동:    Fluctuations in Exchange Rates 
 환적:    Trans-shipment 
 환전상:    Money Exchanger 
 활동성에관한 비율:    Ratios of Activity 
 회계공준:    Postulates of Accounting 
 회계기간:    the Accounting Period 
 회계기준:    Accounting Standards 
 회계법인:    Accounting Firm 
 회계변경:    Accounting Change 
 회계연도말:    Fiscal Yearend 
 회계정보:    Accounting Information 
 회계제도과(재경부):    Government Procurement & Accounting Policy Division 
 회계추정:    Accounting Estimates 
 회계팀:    Accounting Team 
 회귀분석:    Regression Analysis 
 회사설립:    Incorporation 
 회사의 개황:    Summary of the Company 
 회사정리법:    Company Reorganization Act 
 회사채:    Corporate Bond  
 회사채발행:    Corporate Bond Issuance 
 회사채인수:    Corporate Bond Underwriting 
 회수(하다):    Redemption (Redeem) 
 회수기간법:    Payback Period Method 
 회수불능자산(여신):    Uncollectable Assets (Loans) 
 회수의문:    Doubtful 
 회장:    Chairman of the Board of Directors 
 회전기금시설자금대출:    Revolving Fund Loans for Facilities 
 회전기금운전자금대출:    Revolving Fund Loans for Working Capital 
 효용:    Utility 
 효용함수:    Utility Function 
 효율적 시장:     Efficient Market 
 효율적시장가설:    Efficient Market Hypothesis 
 효율적인 집합:    Efficient Set 
 후배주:    Deferred Stock 
 후보추천위원회:    Candidate Recommendation Committee 
 후선부서:    Staff Departments 
 후순위사채:    Subordinated Corporate Bond 
 후순위장은채:    Subordinated Long Term Credit Debenture 
 후순위차입금:    Subordinated Debt 
 후순위채권발행:    Subordinated Debt Issuance 
 후입선출법:    Last-in First-out Method (LIFO) 
 흑자예산:    Budget Surplus 
 희석효과(증자로 인한):    Dilution (Effect)